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How does electric motorcycle connector connect?


Clamp the two metal clips of the charger output. The red metal clip is the positive terminal, and connect it to the positive terminal of the battery; The metal clip with the black (and also green or blue) wire is the negative terminal, which clips to the negative terminal of the battery. Remove all corks from the battery to prevent bubbles from bursting the case.
Voltage regulation:
Adjust the output voltage of the charger to the same as the rated voltage of the battery. The average motorcycle battery is 12 volts, but also 6 volts.
Turn on the power:
Reset the charging device to zero and turn on the charger.
Gradually increase the charging gear, shifting depending on how fast you need to charge. First gear is the slowest, but the charge is perfect.
Cut off the power:
After charging, the acid in the battery will bubble. When bubbles are seen, the battery is fully charged. Turn the gear back to zero, cut off the power to the charger and remove the metal clip.
What reason is abnormal sound when motorcycle charger is charging?
Falling or aging motorcycle charger will cause abnormal sound when the motorcycle is being charged. And the motorcycle using unqualified charger will also produce abnormal noise.
Types of electric motorcycle chargers:
There are many kinds of electric car chargers, some with fans, some with heat sink, charger with fan heat dissipation performance is good, but loud noise. Heat sink, not as cool as a fan, but no noise. But they have one thing in common: all adopt three-stage frequency conversion charging mode, which has a protective effect on lead-acid batteries. The main part of its circuit is the high-frequency transformer. If the charger is not up to scratch or dropped, this thing also has noise, which is the source of high-frequency resonance.
Solution to abnormal noise:
Five minutes after the power failure, open the charger case, inside is the largest black block, kind of like a magnet. Fill the gaps with all-purpose glue or insulating paint and let dry.
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